Regarded as one of the “as old as Earth” professions, Civil Engineering has developed along with the development of mankind civilization. The following 10 facts about Civil Engineering might make you feel interested in it.

1- Up to now, the differences between Civil Engineering and Architecture still remain unclear. These two concepts were considered as one until 18th century.

2- Specifically, in the 17th century, “Civil Engineering” is used to distinguish with construction works for military purposes.

Up to now, the differences between Civil Engineering and Architecture still remain unclear.

3- Civil Engineers usually work in complex projects that are related to many sectors such as Economy, Society, Environment.

4- The first Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering is certified in 1835 by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA.

Civil Engineering is a interdisciplinary profession, related to sectors such as Economy, Society, and Environment.

5- The first woman to receive the Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering is a British, named Nora Stanton Blatch. She was the wife of American radio inventor – Lee fe Forest. The degree was given by Cornell University, USA in 1905.

6- In the USA, Civil Engineers must have certified registration to work in this field.

The first female Civil Engineer – Nora Stanton Blatch.

7- The average annual income of one Civil Engineer in the USA is about 60.774 USD (source: PayScale, 2014).

8- Water slide – one of the most popular game in water parks, are designed by Civil Engineers. It work perfectly thanks to the accurate help of the Water Pump & Discharge System so that the water flow can be strong enough to push the player through the slide.

Water slides are created by Civil Engineers.

9- Among all 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Giza Pyramid is the only that still remain. This is the most significant proof for the greatness in mankind history of Civil Engineering.

Giza Pyramid, Egypt.

10- The tunnel across Manche Channel is regarded as one of the greatest construction in the modern world. The idea of building a tunnel across Manche Channel had been mentioned since the 18th century but not until 1970 that it became a practical project. However, it was left untouched for nearly 20 years. The project kicked off in 1986 and was finished in 1994.

This construction is 50.5 kilometers long. Thanks to it, travelling between UK – France shores takes only 35 minutes.

Thanks to the Channel Tunnel, people on have to spend 35 minutes to travel between UK and France.