I./ Construction safety methods:

  1. Labor safety and fire safety methods in construction site:

According to:

  • The Decree No. 06/CP dated 20/01/1995,
  • The Decree No. 162/1999/NĐ-CP dated 09/11/1999 of the Government,
  • The Circular No. 08/LĐTBXH dated 11/04/1995,
  • The Circular No. 23/LĐTBXH dated 19/09/1995 of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social affairs,

All staff are required to be trained about labor safety and sanitation participating in the construction site. Employees who pass the training class, will have a safety card before

Identifying the sources of risk from environmental factors such as: operating environment, environmental awareness… to avoid risk.

Enhancing the staff’s awareness for labor safety and sanitation in the construction process to avoid the risk risen from employee’s awareness.

Improving work skills of worker in each specific job including the working movements, steps and methods to avoid threats.

Ensuring all the labor safety measures as follows:

  • Hang up warning banner at outstanding, essential’s positions.
  • Regular and unexpected health checking of employees, especially for those working high-rise.
  • Regular inspection, check to prevent misconduct (slobbering, smoking during working hours) to ensure work safety in construction.
  • Specific information: right positions, scope for working, to the individual staff for well understanding task before the implementation.
  • During construction operations, officers and employees are equipped of labor protection such as: helmets, seatbelts, gloves, safety shoes …
  • To ensure high safety measures, instruments should be easy to carry and to manipulate. Staff are not allow to work on high while getting dark, when it’s foggy, stormy winds or level 5 or above.
  • Routine inspection and maintenance of machinery and equipments (ligament, cable hanger before working with heavy items…) will be done carefully before the implementation
  • At the end of the work, workers attendance should be checked, notifying all tools before removing signs, arrester and leaving the working place.
  • First aid training to be done to all employees to prevent daily problems during the construction.

Full implementation of prevention and fight fires and explosions measures as follows:

  • Training for all staff prevention and fight fires and explosions measures in the construction area especially in the warehouse. First aid training for all staff in case of incidents, to avoid unfortunate damage occurs.
  • Fire extinguishers at the warehouse and where fire may occur are fully equipped.
  • Fire safety training on the site.
  1. Safety measures for electricity on construction area:
  • To isolate existing grid with grid operators. Perform isolation transformers entire low voltage and accessible location around the work place. Prohibit closing electricity signboards should be hanging to the cabinet breaker electricity at isolated area.
  • Employees are well equipped with electrical safety protection instruments like hats, gloves, shoes, insulation, cutting tools, insulated connectors … They are not allow to work on electrical connection on darkness, fog, thunderstorms conditions.
  • Construction cord should be properly process technologically the last position must be safe to avoid the accident.
  • Only workers on level 5 are allowed to climb the connection pillar.
  • All employees are trained in all electrical construction procedures, on electrical safety aid measures when accidents of electricity occur.

II./ Security measures sanitation in the field:

  1. Measures of environmental sanitation in camps area:

In the concentration camp, construction units and materials will be stored scientifically at proper place in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance, with good fire prevention, to ensure quality assurance material for construction.

Leaders, Trade union officers, Site managers regularly check workers to perform their assigned tasks, to avoid affecting the neighbors’ life in the working area.

  1. Sanitation measures at the construction site:

Our construction unit is responsible to clean and returning the surface in good condition quickly to warranty the landscape around the area.

The construction materials are well gathered.

The concrete is mixed on the spot, on the plywood, right on the sidewalk pads, to prevent staining or damage to other buildings and surrounding houses.

The excess material was cleaned up during the day.

Cleaning up the site should be always done every day, to keep the overall aesthetics of the construction area.