Quality Policies

Thien dang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company determines: “Focus on satisfying customers with the best quality products & services at reasonable prices” as competitive policies to grow Thidaco become one of leading companies in Vietnam and area.

Now, I, General Director of Thien Dang Construction Joint Stock Company declares the company’s quality assurance policy as follows:

– Add values for customers

– Maximize profit for shareholders

– Ensure employees’ benefits

– Make more contributions to the society

– Proceed to harmonize the interests of the company with the community

To perform the quality assurance policy:


  • To ensure that the quality of building works meets requirements of the customers, tend to satisfy increasing demands of customers in the construction industry.
  • To strengthen and develop reliable relationship with investors and customers and partners in providing design, construction, supervision consultancy services, etc. for the purpose of meeting demands for quality and progress of construction works.
  • To construct, operate and continuously improve quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Standard in all production and business operations of the Company.
  • To periodically review and assess the quality management system to ensure operational capability of the system to meet demand for company operations and development in each period.
  • To implement and maintain 5S activities (“sort”, “straighten”, “shine”, “standardize”, and “sustain) to ensure a safe working environment, productivity, saving, professionalism and efficiency.
  • To regularly train, raise staff’s awareness, professional qualification, build a professional group with solidarity, responsibility, all its heart to the comprehensive development of the company.

ISO 9001:2015

Certificate quality management system of Thien Dang Contruction Invesment Joint Stock Company

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Tel            : +(84-8) 3610 0868 (3 lines) – 08888 7 3366
Email        : mail@thiendang.net            | Website    : https://thiendang.net
Business license number: 0312067271 | Dated       : 27/11/2012

  • Thidaco considers itself as investor when consulting, designing product to achieve the client’s requirement on quality, time and efficiency for investment and exploitation.
  • Thidaco always improves its quality system to be the best qualified.
  • Thidaco establishes and applies the ISO 9001-2008 based quality management system that is assessed and certificated by:
  • International Standards Certifications (ISC)
  • Certificate No.: HT 3102.14.28
  • Thidaco establishes and applies the ISO 9001-2015 based quality management system that is assessed and certificated by:
  • Standards Certifications VCA
  • Certificate No.: VCA.0531.1A
  • Thidaco’s capacity participating in construction activities is announced on:
  • Website: www.nangluchdxd.gov.vn
  • Registration No.: 655
  • Thidaco’s capacity the Conditions of Business of Fire Prevention and Fighting Services for Works:
  • Police of Fire Prevention and Rescue, Ho Chi Minh City certified
  • No.: 94/GXN-PCCC
  • Date: 19/07/2017

“Heart – Professional – Creative – Efficient”

Each individual’s value is conceived & the principle: “Heart – Professional – Creative – Efficient” is implemented fully. Thidaco constantly improves itself morality, enhances professional qualifications, working skills, communication ability in order to meet the assigned tasks and contribute to company’s common objective. Each person must be a good expert in the field in charge of.

To implement policies mentioned above, company’s leaders commit:

Using all necessary resources to carry out, maintain & improve validity & efficiency of quality management system according to ISO 9001-2008, HACCP.

Listening to customer’s opinions & feedbacks to improve & diversify products.

Staffs in all of grades are fully trained knowledge, essential skills and aware the importance of satisfying customer’s demands as decisive factor in bringing success for company.

Ensuring the policy is understood, performed & maintained in all of grades within company.