FirePro® Xtinguish is an exciting and new “green” fire suppression
product for total-flooding applications or any installation where a fire
suppression system is needed to protect the contents of a space.
FirePro® Xtinguish is non-toxic, with zero ozone depletion and global
warming potential. It utilizes an aerosol-forming solid compound to
extinguish fires by inhibiting the chemical chain reactions within the

fire itself, breaking the chemical reaction of fire cleanly and efficiently.
While being very powerful, the FirePro® Xtinguish system installation
is uncomplicated and maintenance is minimal. FirePro® Xtinguish and
the HCVR-3 Releasing Fire Alarm Control Panel combine to produce
a perfect extinguishing solution for offices, data centers, server rooms,
warehouses, archives, banks, transformer/electrical rooms, and more.


Conventional extinguishing agents employ oxygen depletion, cooling or both to extinguish a fire. FirePro® Xtinguish inhibits
the chain chemical reactions present in fire. By removing the flame free radicals, it extinguishes fire without depleting oxygen.

Additional information

Weight 10.9 kg
Dimensions 16.7 × 30.0 × 21.6 cm


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