With Integrated Solutions

Steel Recon Industries was established in 1974 and wholly owned by SRII Group.

Our network of more than 70 distributors in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, the African continent and USA, assures our customers of fast, efficient delivery of SRI products. Our capabilities in design and manufacturing allow us to provide our clients, innovative solutions to the most challenging fire fighting applications. Our trained team of fire protection engineers, support specialists and  skilled  technicians  are  well  experienced  in  interpreting  specifications  and  requirements  of international standards and Fire & Safety enforcement authorities.

We are committed to provide the most comprehensive and reliable fire fighting equipment and
services to protect lives and properties. Our customers can be assured of the best from design,
manufacturing to delivery, installation, training and support services to ensure optimum performance
of the systems.


With Quality

SRI’s full range of fire fighting products are manufactured to international standards

–  British Standard (BS)

–  European Standard (EN)

–  Australian Standard (AS)

–  Singapore Standard (SETSCO)

–  Underwriter Laboratories Standard (UL)

–  Malaysian Standard (MS)

We are ISO9001 certified by Quality Assurance Services, Australia (QAS) and certification by IQNet.

With Premier Fire System

To complete SRI’s own manufactured products, we have extended specialized equipment providing our customers a one-roof total fire protection system.

Our fire systems include:

* SR-200 System (HFC227ea)         * CO2 System                                      * Foam System

* Fine Water Spray System                * Inertec System (inert Gas)            * Fire Detection System

With Research & Development

It is our endless and firm commitment into research and development of SRI’s products for our customer’s needs and problems in the fire industry.


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