Thi công cơ điện

I. Conditioner ventilation system

Mechanical Electrical Contractors THIDACO having experience in the field of design, supply and installation of ventilation air conditioning system for the Complex building, Hotel, Office, Apartment, and Factory …, especially the kind of clean room for electronic factories and pharmaceutical ….

he thong dieu hoa thong gio

Air-conditioning system provides the kinds of works:

– Plant types from conventional to electronic, pharmaceutical, food technology ….
– Business Center
– Office building
– Airport
– Sets of office buildings, commercial centers, apartments
– Hospitals, schools
– Apartment building

The requirements for room air conditioning

– Cleanroom Class 1000 to 100,000 for the construction of electronic assembly plants, factories Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals and laboratories. For this room type requires precise control elements Temperature, Humidity, Voltage output, speed and flow of the wind. Especially need further control over cross-infection control and hygiene for the pharmaceutical factory.
– Air Conditioner for office blocks, schools, commercial centers, apartments and factories normally.
– Air conditioner and air treatment for rooms with special requirements such as textile factories … ..

The type of air conditioning system

– Central air conditioning system of large – Chiller with devices in the AHU, PAU, FCU, OAHU … and the auxiliary equipment such as pumps, cooling towers, valves, piping …
– Central air conditioning system VRV, VRF suit factory offices, commercial offices, commercial centers, medium and small hotels
– Climate control an outdoor unit connects multiple indoor units Multi Split suit factory office, central residential apartments.
– Local air conditioning system suitable for apartments and small office independent.
– Holdover system operating cost savings “Ice Bank”. Suitable for factories, office buildings, commercial centers, hotels …… caliber medium and large projects.
– The indoor unit is very rich types to choose from such as wall-mounted, ceiling-type, Cassette type …

Other systems

Provides system installation services cold storage, freezing warehouses, food preservation …

Ventilation systems
– Supply of fresh air
– Exhaust Air
– Smokke exhaust for corridor
– Pressure air for stairs

II. Water supply system

With expertise and experience in the field of Electrical Engineering Contractors THIDACO always the best meet the design and construction of water supply and drainage system for buildings, factories, hotels, resorts, golf …… .
As the electrical contractors

  1. Water supply system includes:– Water supply

    – Pipe system

    – Sanitary equipment

    – RO Water System, Carbon, UV / RO, carbon, UV Water Filter System

    – Pool System

    – Water Treatment System wells

  2. The drainage system includes:– The system of drainage pumps

    – Pipe system

    – The system of waste water treatment

    – The system of industrial wastewater treatment

III. Power supply system

Stable electrical energy is very important for any public building. So THIDACO always at the forefront of all stages from planning, design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of equipment in the power distribution system of electricity, lighting, Connect Grounding and lightning protection and fire safety tuck …

he thong cung cap dienInclude:

– Including medium-voltage power stations, transformers and lines.
– Generator.
– Power Supply Systems.
– Electrical distribution systems including electrical cabinets, power cables, low-voltage conductors, wire cable tray and threaded pipes.
– Lighting system and power supply system branch.
– System measurement and control
– System earthing and lightning protection.

IV. Fire protection system

THIDACO construct fire protection systems not only for building standards and fire protection requirements of the Agency, but because it is the safety of life and property of the Employer. So we’re always guaranteed to be the work from design to evaluation and approval and execute the system correctly, fast and best quality.

he thong pccc

  1. Fire Alarm Systems:– Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

    – Fire Alarm system often

    – Fire Alarm system combined

    – Early Fire Warning system

  2. Fire fighting system:– The system of Fire walls

    – Automatic Fire Suppression system

    – Fire fighting system water barrier

    – CO2 extinguishing systems, FM200, Foam …

    – fighting Foam system

V. BMS system, fire alarm, communication and electronic network security

A Modern Building and handy not only provide the expensive equipment it is important that friendly working environment, with users and with reasonable investment costs guarantee full exploitation boring device features a maximum saving operating costs.he thong bms

– Network and phone system
– Camera surveillance system
– Public Sound System
– Management System in place
– TV System
– Energy Management Systems
– Emergency Call System
– Intercom System
– Building Management System
– Smart Systems
– Dedicated Control system for central air conditioning system

VI. Utility system

he thong cong ngheOne of the decisions is to create more brand THIDACO contractors is the ability to work as a general contractor of Electrical Engineering, which is indispensable ancillary IT systems for the Factory works as the boiler system, the station provides compressed air, nitrogen gas, LPG gas …….