In 1971, seven emirates joined forces to create the United Arad Emirates, with the goal of becoming a growing leader on an international scale. The UAE’s focus has always been the safety of its land and people and BRSITOL was estab- lished in support of that same vision.


BRISTOL FIRE ENGINEERING, part of the Concorde – Corodex Group, is the leading fire-fighting and fire protection manu- facturee in the Middle East and has been unsurpassed in innovation fire-fighting solutions for more than 40 years.

Our headquarters and manufacturing facility started in the UAE’s Emirate of Dubai, producing world-class fire-fighting systems and equipments in cooperation with international know-how and technology with a grand vision to exand global.

We have been steadfast in our developments and have grown to become pioneers in the industry for unmatched quality and dependability, longstanding commitment and unwavering dedication.

We strive to continue to adopt the highest international and national standards in line with teh UAE’s goal to become the safest coutry in the world..

BRISTOL was one of the first fire-fighting companies in the Middle East to recieve ISO 9001 Certificate, placing great emphasis on achieving local and international approvals on product certifications such as Kire Mark LPCB, UL Listed, FM Approval. Moreover, BRISTOL is certificaed to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

For decades, we have been proudly supplying various gover- ment entities and sectors such as the oil and gas, commercial and industrial sectors across the globe with world-class equipment and service.

BRISTOL has been serving Middle Eastern, African, Asian and European markets for more than four decades with a vision to expand further.


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