FM200 fire suppression system is an ideal choice for all users as it utilizes the agent HFC-227ea to combat fire in the fastest time.


Exceptionally Fast and Protective

Once a developing fire in its initial stage is detected, HFC- 227ea extinguishes it quickly by discharging in just 10 seconds or lesser. FM200 fire suppression system effec- tively removes heat and breaks up the fire at molecular level. With fast and protective extinguishing action, sensi- tive components are not damaged. Toxicologically harm- less, HFC-227ea discharges as gas and leaves no residue, thus there is no hassle for any clean- up cost, unlike sprinklers. Indeed, FM200 can provide greater coverage in the shortest time span than any other options. This is significant to minimize damages and interruptions for your business especially when your company relies heavily on the high availability of critical operating proce- dures.

Space Efficiency

FM200 can be individually adapted to suit every area and desired corner in your company. Nozzle holes and container fill volumes are the result of object-specific calculations and characterize a system optimized down to the smallest detail. The charging pressures of up to 25 Bar depict that multi-zone systems and longer pipe works can be designed. No separate space is needed for the supply of extinguishing agent; it can be located in the protected area itself. Equipped with environmental properties and good performance ratio, you will definitely get greater protection while utilizing less floor space.

Clean and Safer Choice

Colourless, odourless, and in gaseous form, FM200 extin- guishes without leaving any residue. With speedy distribu- tion throughout the room, FM200 is not erosive and electrically conductive thus causes no damage through short circuits. The function of FM200 is to deprive the heat and interrupt the combustion reaction.

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