The Nittan Group has been at the very forefront of the international fire protection industry since 1954 and has sales, R&D and manufacturing bases in Japan, China, and the UK. Throughout the world, Nittan has an enviable reputation for continuous innovation and exceptional quality. The group currently enjoys over $300million turnover worldwide and manufactures millions of detectors each year, while pursuing a commitment to total excellence in everything we do.

Despite its position as a major global fire safety specialist company, Nittan always prides itself in providing a dedicated and personal service to its clients. When you look to Nittan to provide you with an optimum fire safety solution, you’ll enjoy all the major benefits of dealing with a world leader – while receiving a personal level of service and support that few large companies could ever hope to achieve.


Double the technology

Fighting fire power with another powerful element: technology. This is the challenge NITTAN issues with the 3 versions of NF series fire panels: a brand-new family of advanced and performing fire panels, for prevention and safety of medium to large applications, such as those realized in banks, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

NF series includes: NF1002 panel: fire panel with 2 conventional zones; NF1004 panel: fire panel with 4 conventional zones; and NF2000 panel that stands out for the possibility of dual configuration: conventional (4 conventional zones expandable up to 12*) and hybrid of conventional and analogue- addressable (4 conventional zones expandable up to 12 and 32 analogue-addressable zones, thanks to the optional NFEXP20 loop module.)

* To expand to 44 conventional zones with 5 expansion boards will be available soon.

Multiply the security

NF series panels are available in various versions, can be set up according to the single systems needs, and adopt the dual working mode – conventional and conventional/analogue-addressable – to ensure the most detailed monitoring of fire risks. Moreover, the possibility to integrate several models, make NF panels able to manage up to 1400 detectors.

The most performing panels of the series can control 12 conventional zones and an analogue- addressable loop. The optional EXTING module extends panels functions, covering also the extinguishing system control.

Big things with little effort

In spite of the excellent performance capability, the panels are very easy to set up and operate: the user- friendly interface, with graphic display and LED indicators, allows to operate the system effectively and in a fast and intuitive way.

In addition, the USB connection can be used to configure the panel via PC for control and setup parameters, or it is possible to install GSM for sending alarm messages through the GSM mobile network. Available soon, Ethernet modules (optional) enable remote supervision and control of the panels.

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