Ceasefire is a fast-growing global brand that protects millions of people across the world every single day.

For decades now, we’ve pioneered fire safety in India, through firefighting systems and technologies that are unique to Ceasefire, and built at the very forefront of new-age technology.


360 degree fire safety and security portfolio. Continuous innovation to create next-gen hi-tech products. A strong commitment to the Earth.

High product quality standards. Strong execution. Competent after-sales service.

All this allow us to command a 20%-60% premium on our products. But rather than invest all our money in advertising and marketing budgets, we put it back into research and development. Yet, we are one of the highest recalled brands in the market, with the name Ceasefire becoming synonymous with fire safety.

Today, backed up by suppression systems, Watermist and Foammist systems, specialised gas total flooding systems, in-panel tube-based suppression systems and special application fire extinguishers, to name a few, our team of 2000 trained and enthusiastic professionals penetrate new markets and take Ceasefire to the world.


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