Leading the Way for More than 150 years In 1881, industry pioneer Frederick Grinnell patented the first “sensitive” automatic fire sprinkler incorporating a number of features still found in modern day units. Since that time, many of the  major advancements in fire sprinkler technology
can be attributed to GRINNELL and other leading names in the  industry that are now part of Tyco Fire Protection Products.

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Tyco Fire Protection Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of water-based fire suppression systems and components, offering one of
the broadest lines of fire protection system equipment worldwide.

Continually expanding its capabilities through aggressive research and product development, it provides its customers effective fire protection and construction solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.  Tyco Fire Protection Products serves a diverse group of specifiers, including architects, engineers, contractors, and associated industries with a nationwide network of distribution and manufacturing
facilities.  Tyco takes pride in the introduction of new and innovative products, technologies and product application

With over 150 years in the industry, Tyco Fire Protection Products is uniquely qualified to provide and develop cost effective solutions customized to any building configuration and fire protection application.  Our patented solutions provide significant performance advantages with lower installation and maintenance costs.

Tyco also offers the industry’s most complete fire protection design software package through its SprinkCAD® programs.


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