Foam fire extinguishing system effectively burn gasoline and oil

What is the Foam extinguishing system?

Foam fire extinguishing system is a foam fire extinguishing system, when activated, will spray a kind of foam covering the surface of gasoline, oil, … separating flammable liquid from air and fire, whereby The fire was extinguished.


Foam fire extinguishing system operates on the principle of isolation.

Composition of  foam

Bubbles are made up of three components: water, foam concentrate, and air. The water is mixed with concentrated foam, forming a foam solution. This solution is mixed with air (aspirated) to create a fire-fighting foam, which is heavy, durable, air-filled, and has a density smaller than oil, gasoline, or water.

Picture of Foam foam fire fighting system operation.

Foam extinguishing system – Principle of operation


Foam fire extinguishing system does not pollute the environment and causes less damage to the equipment, and for high expansion foam, there is almost no damage to the goods, and in a short time, both The warehouse is back to normal.


Foam system is widely used in places where there is a high risk of fire and explosion, such as petroleum tanks, toxic chemical storage.

Fire sprinkler system for indoor fire fighting

Foam fire extinguishing system is very effective indoors and outdoors.

Foam discharge spraying for outdoor fire fighting by fire engines

Types of foaming agents:

Foam AFFF (water-based) is a foam that will create a mist on the plane of hydrocarbon fuel.

Foam ARC (alcohol-resistant concentrate) is a foaming substance that will create a fudge on the plane of insoluble fuel.

In addition one can classify bubbles according to their degree of expansion. For example: Low-expansion foam is a type of foam that has less than 20 times the expansion. Medium-expansion foam is a type of foam that has an expansion range of 20 to 200. High-expansion foam is a type of foam with an expansion level of over 200 times.

Foam container

The foam mixing system can be either “balanced pressure” or “inline”.
Foam nozzles can be sprinkler, spray, nozzle, monitor, foam pourer, or high expansion foam generator, depending on the foam system used.

Some equipment sets in Foam fire fighting system :

  • Ratio Controller

Catalogue Dung Dịch Chữa Cháy Foam – Foam Agents

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